WoWL Agency

About the Westies

The idea for the Westies started a few years ago while I was working at a digital agency in Notting Hill, London. The owners would bring their dog, called Casper, to the office every day when they came to work.

He was an immediate character with him chewing the office cables, jumping into your chair if it was vacant or staring at you if you ate lunch at your desk (unfortunately we had glass tables so it was very easy for Casper to watch you!).

One evening after work, in late October 2011, I was finishing up at work and was just doodling on the whiteboard in the meeting room. I started drawing some “very rough” Westie dogs and it seemed to me that the dog could make a good cartoon.

I came up with some names for the cartoon and decided to call it “The Westies of West London” as the office was located in West London and it was about Westies!

I also realised the name makes a nice acronym – WoWL – and the Westies of West London were born.

The story though would take a different turn… read more about Casper and the WoWL Dogtective Agency.

Cast of Characters



The fearless leader of the gang, who lives with his longtime owner, Mrs P. Casper runs the dogtective agency from the shed at the bottom of her garden.

Basil the Westie


The youngster of the bunch. As keen as mustard to help and Casper's 'right hand dog'. He's always on hand to lend a helpful paw.

Lucky the Westie


The gadget dog. You will find her, more often than not, in front of her trusty iPawd; thinking up new clever clog inventions to help solve crimes.

Billy the Westie


He loves nothing more than a mid-morning snooze after chewing on his favourite bone. When he's not asleep or eating, he's great at answering the 'Dog and Bone'.

Mrs P

Mrs P

Mrs P is Casper's beloved owner and companion who owns the shed at the bottom of the garden where the Westies "secretly" run their dogtective agency.

Inspector Kennel

Inspector Kennel

A chocolate Labrador retriever and the top dog of the Pawlice, Inspector Kennel is a reliable partner in the Westies' mission to solve dog crimes.

The Mice

The Mice

The mice are always close by and scurrying somewhere in the background scene, getting up to some antics and mischief.

West London

The City of London

What would the Westies dogs be without this city, that has its own character and personality. London provides the backdrop for the Westies crime busting adventures.

Comic Books

I have self-published two comic books, together with my friend James Mac, and they are currently available to buy on the website.

The Captivating Case of the Chicken-shaped Chew Toy

Case #1

In their first case, the Westies of the WoWL Dogtective Agency take on a new case when Fiona’s ‘Chewbury’ toy goes missing, in very mysterious circumstances. Is it a coincidence that chicken chew toys have disappeared right across Chelsea and Fulham?

Casper knows better, and he leads the gang on a chase across West London to catch the culprits and foil their dastardly deeds.

The Sound of the Hound in Lost and Found

Case #2

After returning from a daytime train journey with Mrs P, Casper has a close encounter with and old Beagle who talks of mysterious Werehound lurking among the shadows  deep within the Lost & Found office of London Paddington station.

The Westies smell something is not right and they devise a plan to sniff out this mystery.

Look out for Case #3

I'm currently working on our 3rd comic book entitled, "The Pooch with a Potion causes a Commotion by the Ocean"